JA_headshotI have something in common with several famous writers, including F. Scott Fitzgerald, Joseph Heller, Don DeLillo and Elmore Leonard: we’ve all spent time working in the ad business. Some of us longer than others, economic reality being what it is.

I was born in Paris, Texas, the second largest Paris in the world. Careful not to draw too much attention to myself through academic overachievement, I worked my way from a little country schoolhouse to a double major in art and journalism.

Previous to my current freelance career I was fortunate enough to work in the creative departments of some of the best ad agencies in the country, including two in Manhattan, and I’ve won several national awards for my work on major brands. (Details available on request.)

Days come and go, seasons turn and return, roads lead to revelations, life grows more interesting. The urge to explore and create continues. There are stories to tell, characters to know and poems to discover.